homeowners insurance underwriting rating and quoting tool

On Line HO 3 Rating Tool

October 4, 2017

In today’s society everything is just a click away! No more typing out applications and waiting for that fax to go through. Go to our website at www.sh-underwriters.com and click on QUOTES, then select Homeowners Insurance.

With our online rating portal, you have access to instant quotes for Primary and Secondary homes. This gives you the ability to quote an HO 3 instantly when your client calls and says “I’m on my way to closing, can you help me out?” or “My coverage is cancelling tomorrow, can you help me out?”. Our online quotes are quick and easy AND the application is done based on the information you put into they system when you quote!

If your submission for some reason is referred to us, we have underwriters on staff that will immediately review the submission, and they will either approve it back to you, or call you or email you with questions. You will get an immediate response.

Payment can even be made right on our website with Credit Card or E-check** (additional fees apply).

Customer service the #1 selling point, and we want to help you service your clients quickly and efficiently. Not sure if quoting online is right your situation? Give us call at 888.731.5116! We are happy to discuss the details and guide you through the process.